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Mpeg4, DivX - FAQ
MPEG4 format is a relatively new development in compression technology and so far it gives the best results for the size/quality proportions, that's why we chose it as the main format for our videos.

But since MPEG4(DivX) is by now far from being the standard format for online videos you should have certain software downloaded and installed in order to view MPEG4 (DivX) video clips. Windows users should download and install this file, MAC users should go here (to and download all the necessary software from this website.

The main thing you should know about the clips posted at our site is that they could be not, on the most systems, be streamed in your browser. You should download them on your hard drive first and playback from there. Some system configurations, however, allow their users to view clips from web locations. But to be safe save clips on your hard drive before viewing them.

Second important thing you should know is that MPEG4(DivX) clips can only be viewed with MS Media Player, not Real Player or any other player. Check for the updates on this one, you should have MS Media Player beginning from 6th version or higher to view the clips.

If you have basic skills of using the computer you do not have to read further since all possible problems with MPEG4 video clips and their solutions are described below (if you're not able to see the clips you should read all the above and make sure you do everything correctly). Further is the information for those who lack basic skills of operating computers.

1. How do I download something onto my hard drive?
The fastest way to download something (video clips for example) on your hard drive is to right click over the clip and choose "Save target as" (MSIE) or "Save link as" (NN) option from the pop-up menu. System will prompt you where to save the clip, so select the directory you want to have it in and click OK. Most likely your system will offer you the option to save the clip into "My Documents" folder, and if you're not quite accustomed to work with PC do not choose another place to save the clip and just click OK. At least you'll know where to find it when the download is complete.

Remember - everything in the video section must be saved on your hard drive if you want it to work correctly, so do not click or doubleclick on anything in this section, use only the right button of your mouse and "Save target as" item from the pop-up menu. Videoclips should be downloaded prior to seeing them, driver should be downloaded prior to installing it.

When download is complete you should find the clip to play it back. So go to the directory you've chosen while downloading ("My Documents" for example), find the clip and click on it to see the movie.

2. What do I do after I downloaded DivX5.exe?
At this point you should go to the directory where DivX5.exe is stored and run it by clicking on it. You'll see the progress of installation indicated, so you'll be sure your driver is installed. When installation is complete you'll be able to see the clips immediately, without rebooting your PC.

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